When is the festival?
Saturday, August 14

What happens each day?
You can see the full schedule at http://northcantonmainstreetfestival.com/schedule/

Where is the festival?
This year’s festival takes place right on Main Street in the center of North Canton. It extends from the approximately Maple to the intersection of Bachtel and Main and includes a special Sidestreet MKTS section north of Maple.

Where is parking?
There are several public parking lots in the area (behind Howlin’ Bird, at the library, at the Hoover District, North Canton Middle School) and on streets in the surrounding neighborhoods. North Canton is very walkable, and we love when residents stroll over from home. (It’s one of the things we love most about our city!)

Is there food?
YES! The festival offers several dining options. There’s traditional fair food, fancy food truck food, and local stops such as Howlin’ Bird, Sprinkle City and Pav’s Creamery. NEW for 2021 – visit the Sidestreet MKTS food court north of Maple.

What about drinks?
Our vendors have you covered with lemonade stands, sodas and traditional summer beverages!

Wait, were you asking about adult drinks . . .
2021 will be the first Main Street Festival taking advantage of North Canton’s DORA (Downtown Outdoor Recreation Area).

You can grab drinks (both alcoholic and non) at local stops including Howlin’ Bird, Pav’s Creamery and El Rincon. Don’t forget about the adult slushies and milkshakes at Pav’s! Visit Howlin’ Bird for a glass of wine, martini or your favorite bourbon. Want a margarita? El Rincon has the best in town!

Are there things for kids to do?
Absolutely! Stay tuned for details about all the fun planned for children.

Is there live music?
Yes! A schedule of the Main Street Festival stage performances will be posted soon.

Who are the vendors?
Vendor list coming soon!